The world is changing. Storms are getting more extreme; heat waves are becoming more frequent; sea level rise is underway; drought is occurring more regularly; dependable municipal water supplies are at risk; wildfires are becoming more intense; and the people most affected by these disruptions tend to be those who face the greatest economic challenges in responding.

At the same time, forward-looking companies, organizations, agencies, and individuals recognize that resilient design is vital to our future—and a critical component of social equity and sustainable building practices. The urgency of the situation is calling these citizens to action.

Building Resilience 2019 will catalyze this emerging movement. 

I am excited about the Building Resilience event because resilience practitioners need to be connected, share stories, learn from and support each other to have the biggest impact.

Heather Rosenberg
Heather Rosenberg
Associate Principal-Resilience, ARUP

Attending this event is important to me because this is the most urgent issue of our time! It's time to act--and act together. This event is bringing together the Who’s Who working on resilience in the built environment.

Mary Ann Lazarus
Mary Ann Lazarus
Cameron MacAllister Group, Principal Consultant

I'm excited about this event because it will explore the deep connections between the built environment and the vulnerability of a city and its people

Matt Gray
Matt Gray
City of Cleveland Sustainability Director

At Building Resilience, you'll learn how to measure the vulnerability and risk of any building...we need to adapt to a changing climate and prepare for risks.

Rachel Minnery
Rachel Minnery
AIA, Sr Director, Resilience, Adaptation and Disaster Assistance

Learn from experts in the field about ways to integrate climate change and other issues into the design process. We need to move quickly to make our buildings and cities more resilient.

Nicholas Rajkovich
Nicholas Rajkovich
SUNY Buffalo, Assistant Professor
BR19 is the first national gathering of building industry professionals focused exclusively on how to create more resilient buildings and communities. Conference attendees will have opportunities to participate actively in professionally facilitated, outcome-focused working sessions. These sessions will establish concrete guidance to advance the agenda of resilient design.  

BR19 is for:


-Resilience Officers




-Building Owners




-Urban Planners






-Social Service Organizations




Building Resilience 2019 comes to you from three leading players in the fields of resilience and sustainability.

BuildingGreen, Inc., founded in 1985, is a highly regarded consulting firm and the most trusted information provider in the sustainable building field.

The International Living Future Institute, home of the Living Building Challenge, is working toward a civilization that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.

 The Resilient Design Institute is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 to advance resilient design strategies and serve as a think tank in the resilient design movement.

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